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Tips On Buying Cheap Used Atv Parts}

Submitted by: Jason Pound

What are you suppose to do if the part you need for your ATV is not available from the dealer. Well in this instance you have two drastically different options. The first option being going to your local used ATV junkyard. While this is sometimes fun in the long run it will cost you more money and time then the other option.

My experiences at our local ATV junk yard have always been horrible to put it mildly. They usually went something like this. I show up ATV junk yard and go to the counter and ask if they have the part that I’m looking for. In most cases the person behind the counter does not have a clue and just points to the piles of rusted out dirty ATV’S. Then after searching though dirt and mud for awhile I usually just give up and go home, but sometimes I do actually find a part that will work. In these rare events I lug whatever part I feel will work to the counter. This is where my trip usually becomes interesting this is where I find out what the junk man thinks these used ATV parts are worth. Let me tell you this is where I usually realize what a mistake it was to go to the ATV parts junk yard. I usually involves the junk man severely over charging me as if this rusty old part is made of solid gold. This is where I would leave the part on the counter and walk out.

The second option for buying used ATV parts that not everyone knows is buying your discontinued or used ATV parts on eBay. I am sure you have in some capacity or another used eBay to buy something at one time or another in your life. What some people fail to see is that eBay can often be one of the best if not the best place to find used ATV parts. There are some things that may be done to better find used ATV parts in eBay.

The very first thing you need to do when looking on eBay for used ATV parts is to use quotation marks when Searching eBay for used ATV parts.Here is an example of how I search for used ATV parts on eBay. For example if I am hunting for a swing arm for a 1985 250r. How, I would approach this is to first go to eBay Motors and in the search bar type “250r swing arm” it will actually return some results. If I do not find one that fits my application I might then type “250rx swingarm” into the search bar this I where the deals are It would be searching for misspellings.

Another good trick to finding inexpensive used ATV parts on eBay is to do mistypes or rearrange the name of the ATV you are looking to buy parts for. I once found a listing for a “r250” Honda that was in reality a very clean 250r. There’s also another small tip that I should offer about purchasing used parts on eBay. For instance certain models interchange for instance nearly on the parts on an 1984 200x will interchange with the parts for an 1985 200x.

A way to find out which parts interchange with which ATV models is to take a look at the OEM parts & online schematics this will be vary useful. Observe the exploded view for whatever used ATV part you an are trying to find. Then write down the part number and check a year ahead and a year behind to work out if the same part was used on both machines. If it’s the same part number it’s the same part. As usual take care who you deal with on eBay, check their feed back scores. And if the pictures are not clear ask for another picture or a different angle. If you follow my advice you will be able to find cheap quality ATV parts to help you get you quad running again while saving you money.

About the Author: Jason Pound is a amateur ATV restorer he specializes in 80’s era ATV’s and ATC’s. He also runs

Used ATV Parts

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